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Who said man couldn't fly?


I for one have never been a follower of the rules. Being a curvy size 14/16 naturally I was underestimated as an aerialist. This was something that almost became a set back for me... until I made jaws drop when I pulled an optical spilt high in the air at my first performance.


From that moment I realised I wouldn't let my size be a factor, whether I made it or not.


The journey all began, in the not too distant Autumn of 2015.   I joined a circus school casting my net, with an open mind towards an array of circus skills. Mesmerised by aerial, particularly hoop, I was captivated in the spell, I couldn't get enough!


From the blood and bruises to the glitter and nipple tassels, I crave the buzz. My mistresses are fire. lyra and hula-hoop.   Don't underestimate me, for with fire in my belly and my mouth (literally!) I have the ability to create a performance that will blow minds!


I found myself drawn to become a part of the early creative team, that has grown into  Airfish, in October 2016.   Watch this space as we keep aiming to reach new heights in both our individual and group creative projects.  Make sure you look up!

Coming Soon